FirstClass Web Publishing Reinvented

05/19/17, 8:45 PM

Move on to On-Page editing without client software - FirstMagic does Web Publishing with no need for the FirstClass Client, for FCWS, for archaic FirstClass Personal Sites, or for RWD.


Say goodbye to the clunky interfaces of yesterday: roll out hundreds of websites, thousands of blogs and student portfolios - without disrupting established workflows or leaving important content behind.


FirstClass Publishing Reinvented

Content creation happens right on the actual web pages, the work environment is your websites - true WYSIWYG from start to finish. Still controlled by Privileges and Groups, of course: your content is secure. There´s no learning curve - that´s the advantage of giving users their own tools in their own browsers.


Industry Standards, Not Proprietary Walls

FirstMagic websites will work on any OS, on any modern device, from desktops to cellphones to tablets. They are HTML5 native, fully responsive, WCAG 2.0 compliant, and infinitely skinnable.


FirstMagic 3 is scaleable, state of the art Content Management for all your organization´s needs - today, and tomorrow. Running on infrastructure you already have in place, leveraging all your existing resources.


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