Your Web Presence Redefined

04/02/16, 5:49 PM

FirstMagic will transform your FirstClass platform – turn it into an Enterprise Web Hosting Solution that scales to the always evolving needs of your organization.


Without the need for client software of any kind.

Vibrant And Engaging Sites With Ease

05/19/17, 8:40 PM

Content creation and editing happens in the browser, directly on the page, and is true WYSIWYG – the website itself is the Editor User Interface.


editingGive your Users the ability to publish portals, portfolios, public forums, blogs, galleries, calendars, and streaming media - with powerful, easy to use tools for creating, sharing, and connecting, their content.


To make highly customized Response Forms for visitors and authenticated users alike - easily, on the fly, in their browser of choice. Instantly connect their pages with Social Media channels, add commenting features, even embed each other´s Google Drives and social feeds in their own spaces.


FirstMagic offers many ways to publish, and new ways to distribute. FirstMagic content can be pushed to Twitter and Facebook, to third-party websites and CMSes, even to custom mobile Apps - automatically.


Any web page can be public facing or authenticated access only: Privilege Groups and User Permissions is still in control. But Content Editors, End Users and Visitors never sees, uses, or interacts with any aspect of FirstClass. It´s under the hood, invisibly storing data and taking care of your security.

Comprehensive Accessibility, Usability, And SEO Features

05/19/17, 8:41 PM

Accessibility in
FirstMagicFirstMagic websites are HTML5 native, fully responsive, and WCAG 2.0 compliant. They render perfectly on any modern device, from desktops to smartphones to tablets.


A fully navigable print-friendly interface, together with automatically generated Site Maps and live contextual search tools enhances usability even more. Screen reader support, assistive tools for the visually impaired, as well as built-in support for Text-to-Speech, brings accessibility well beyond requirements.


Printed pages are formatted for use as stand-alone presentations. They have your organization´s contact information, back links, and QR-codes pointing to full version pages.


All pages have semantic, Search Engine-friendly URLs and individual keywords tagging with global fall-back. URL fragments and keywords can be manually edited on the fly, anywhere.


Third-party services like statistics and content translation installs in a single location, and takes hold everywhere automatically.

Unprecedented Design Freedom

05/19/17, 8:41 PM

FirstMagic websites can be designed freely: implement your organization´s branding and design guidelines, and these will govern all aspects of site appearance - inside and outside the Login Wall.  


Allow End Users to design their own spaces, make available only specific Design Themes for their use, or enforce your brand server wide: control is granular and easily defined.


A built-in designer tool allows for easy development of custom designs. The tool is a point-and-click wizard with live, on-site preview.


Websites Freely


FirstMagic also ships with a library of 40 unique, ready to use designs: 20 Material Design Themes and 20 FirstMagic Themes. Activating a particular theme takes only a single click.


Themes are constructed in CSS - the standard design language of the Web: any professional designer knows how to create custom themes for FirstMagic, and can do so in their own software.

Fully Backwards-Compatible

05/19/17, 8:41 PM

Both FCWS and the FirstClass Client are fully supported: users that want to work in a client still can. Your organization can migrate to FirstMagic gradually, and effortlessly.


Have hundreds of old-style FirstClass Personal Sites? FirstMagic will render them seamlessly as part of itself, using its active Design Theme. Need to use FCWS for authoring? FCWS makes FirstMagic web pages.


Your workflows can move to FirstMagic intact, and without disruption: even custom intranet forms, old content hierarchies and proprietary methods can be brought along.

FirstMagic Fits The Budget

05/19/17, 8:42 PM

Businesses and organizations around the world are experiencing ever tightening budgets. With FirstMagic, anyone can effectively and affordably manage a professional web presence.


Affordable Hosted Solutions and software-only packages, low training costs and easy expansion and integration paths - build a great web presence you can afford.


FirstMagic is sold, hosted, and supported world wide

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