What´s New in FM 4

Today for everybody: any user with an account on the server can now publish their own Today App, and the Site Owner can publish a browsable Web View directory of all Apps - each with its own web page and IOS / Android counterpart.

Digital Magazine publishing: organize editions as stand-alone publications - like print editions - and group them with automatic content previews and thumbnails on the top level.

ISSUU integration - embed ISSUU publications in any web page, and set up a paywall for access. Combine ISSUU with the new Digital Magazine module to offer both Print and Web editions in one place.

Live streaming directly in the Media Layout: stream any number of Video sources simultaneously on the same page.

Web Camera pages: it is now just as easy to publish a camera as it is to publish a web page; in FirstMagic 4, a web camera is a normal web page. Group any number of live feeds into a CCTV monitoring panel.

Local Layout Preferences: custom preferences panel for individual Layouts makes it much easier to add custom Sidebars, local navigation, social media and commenting features than before.

Office Documents are web pages: upload Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and PDF-files, and use them as normal web pages, as they are.

Automatic thumbnails: any page automatically finds and displays thumbnails of themselves from published images.

Simpler content sorting: the Manual Sorting feature is now just one click to change the sort order of any item in any list or menu.

New Advertising Plugin: embed static or rotating Ad Banners anywhere. Publish ads the same way you create normal web pages.

New Social Media Widgets: embed full Facebook pages inside your web pages, add new Social Media buttons with support for more services, new and easier to use Twitter Plugin.

More Design Themes: FM4 comes with a library of 45 ready-to-use Themes.

XHTML compatibility in native HTML5 sites: one can now use old-style FirstClass XHTML Documents in native HTML5 sites, making it plug-and-play easy for legacy FirstClass Users to migrate to HTML5.

New Webmaster Tools: the Personal Dashboard is now a central for everything: Account Information, shortcuts to pages you are working on, inbound webmail, eCommerce inventory, Sitemap, User Guide and Editor Handbook, and a new Instant Messaging feature.

Real-time interaction with visitors: as long as you are signed into the site, your audience can page you in a Live Chat, directly from your web pages: you no longer need client software to accept Chat requests. If you have more than one Website Account, you now also have a live Chat channel between them - making online collaboration simple.

Under the hood: the code base has been optimized for faster page rendering. All code has been optimized for SSL support.

For Administration: If you offer an ASP service with FirstMagic, end users can now get Account Information on their Dashboards - including direct invoicing, Billing History, and a live Support Channel.

Backwards compatibility: all FirstMagic sites from FM 2.1 forward will upgrade to FM4 as they are, and their existing licenses will continue to work. 

FM 2.0 sites and older must be migrated manually.

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