A FirstMagic Partner can perform FirstMagic installations for you, or will be available for live support. Please see this page for contact points. There are partners in the U.S, Canada, and in many European countries.

FirstMagic 4.0 Installer

This package installs the FirstMagic 4 framework on your server, and can also update any existing 2.1 and newer  websites on the server to FM4. The installation is full featured.

Each website you create with the included FirstMagic Wizard will work for 28 days before a license is needed. Please contact your  FirstMagic Partner for your licensing requirements. You can do this at any time before or after expiry, and licensing a site only takes a minute.

FirstMagic 3

Download FirstMagic 4.0
[zipped, 17.4 MB]

FM3 is safe to try

FM 4 adds server capabilities, but will not modify or impact existing services. Domains you specificially assign to it will be rendered by it. It never interfaces with anything else.

Uninstalling the FM 4 framework is as simple as deleting a container. It is safe to install, and safe to delete.

FM3 is free to try

You do not need licensing to install the framework: licensing is per active domain. Any site you create will run for 28 days before the Site Owner should purchase a license.

System requirements

FirstClass Server 10, 11, 12, or 16, on all platforms.  Read more in the FAQ.